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Jasper Arkansas Cabin Rentals
  • What section of the river are you located at?
    We are located at the upper-mid-section of the river, near Pruitt Landing, which is 2 miles away. Pruitt is a great swimming hole for the family.
  • The cabin address does not work on GPS. How do I get directions?
    For directions to the cabins, just click on the map on the website.
  • Can I bring or tow motorcycles to the cabins?
    We do not recommend bringing motorcycles on the property. Our driveway is gravel and fairly steep. We have had guests with motorcycles but you should have experience driving on gravel. For guests at GameTime, motorcycles are welcome so that you can enjoy the amazing motorcycle routes.
  • How close together are the cabins?
    The four cabins are on 20 forested acres and are adequately placed to provide privacy for our guests. Our upper cabins, the Hilltopper and the Majestic, sit on top of a hill and are about 50 yards apart, but do not face each other. The Original and Retreat cabin are both secluded and cannot be seen from the other cabins.
  • Do I need a 4-wheel drive to get to the cabins?
    No, you do not need a 4-wheel drive to get to the cabins. However, please note that a lot of the roads in Newton county are gravel and if you have a 4-wheel drive, you may want to bring it if you plan on exploring Newton County in depth. GameTime is located within the city limits of Harrison, thus a 4 wheel drive is not necessary.
  • Can the river be floated year-round?
    Yes, the Buffalo river is floatable year round depending on water levels. As the water level fluctuates significantly depending on rainfall, you should check water levels on our home page to determine what section of the river to float. Our cabins are situated so that you can access the Upper Buffalo in Ponca, or the Mid Buffalo in Gilbert within 45 minutes.
  • What floating outfitters do you recommend?
    We highly recommend Buffalo River Canoes, located near Kyle’s landing (upper river) and Silver Hill Float Services in Gilbert (mid river).
  • Do you have cell phone service at the cabins?
    Yes, we do have cell phone service, as most carriers have good reception.
  • Where can I buy groceries?
    The closest grocery store is Harps, located in Jasper. Alternatively, there is a Dollar General just north on Highway 7, or multiple grocery stores in Harrison for all your shopping needs.
  • Where can I buy liquor/beer?
    Newton County is a dry county, so we recommend purchasing before you enter the county. If you need to purchase while at the cabins, there is a WOW liquor store approximately 7 miles north on Highway 7.
  • Is firewood provided?
    Firewood is not provided, however you are free to use any deadfall on the property. There is a firewood stand a couple miles north on Highway 7 if you need to purchase firewood. Please note that GameTime Harrison does not have a firepit.
  • What type of grill do you provide?
    All of our properties have charcoal grills. You will need to bring your own charcoal and lighter fluid.
  • Do you have laundry facilities?
    The cabins do not have laundry facilities, so please pack accordingly. Please note that GameTime Harrison does have a washer and dryer.
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